Once you see this reborn baby girl doll, you just want to hold her into your arm. How cute she is! From her big brown eyes, you can see nothing but innocence. She also has painted eyebrows, a button-shaped nose, glossy lips, and chunky face. Also you can find her faux mohair which is naturally similar to real baby hair, so your children can touch her hair and comb her hair just like their mother does.

Her fashion clothes make her looks even cuter. Obviously, she dresses well and waits for you to take her out. But you can also buy some other baby clothes so that you can change her clothes. Moreover, her head and limbs are made of GentleTouch vinyl by a professional designer so that you can move her arms and legs as you like. Just let her sit on a blanket, sleep on the pillow hold a toy or make other cute postures.

Sweet House Reborns® is a mom-owned and operated, eco-inspired and environmentally responsible reborn baby doll online store. Our mission is to keep our children safe and happy while supporting our sustainable fingerprint on the planet. The overall philosophy of Sweet House Reborns® is that children and adults can live a life full of love with real life size silicone newborn dolls. Children are gifts to the world, their hearts are filled with innocence and joy, and all adults were once children. Sweet House Reborns® always stands for pure love.
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