Looking for soft plastic blocks? Develop children’s handson skills, handeye coordination and color recognition with the soft ladder rescue ladder by soft toys, your child will love the softness bricks play. Soft and light, it is a good choice for children’s color matching, fine and soft toys, soft material, healthy and environmentally friendly, not easy to break. Soft, flexible and not hurt hands, the brick bricks are easy to bend and fold, and will not scratch your child’s skin or break. Soft rubber material, smooth surface. Soft rubber, easy to bend and shape, good flexibility, soft touch, high precision, easy to use, suitable for all kinds of soft bricks surface thickness. The blocks are soft, safe and nontoxic, which can stimulate your child’s imagination and creativity to develop their handson ability, creativity and imagination with its own sense of comfort, flexibility and durability.

Come and make the most of your online shopping experience! Compatible with soft metal and soft plastic thickness bricks, the soft rubber material makes this extremely soft for your body feel. The blocks are perfect for big or small hands that you can easily play on a variety of surfaces including soft wood.
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