While most of us are happy to sit back and watch Star Wars, our respective partners aren’t as willing. I know that I am constantly being asked why I like it so much. My girlfriend doesn’t seem to understand why the Star Wars movies are so good. So I decided to sit down with her and show her why she should like Star Wars as much as I do.

1. Harrison Ford. Most chicks still think she’s sexy. Yes, of course he’s getting old now, but in the original trilogy he’s still handsome. Also, if you tell her that she takes off her shirt in The Empire Strike Back, she will sit there and wait for him. Now we all know that he doesn’t actually take his shirt off, he just ripped a little, but sometimes it’s okay to overdo it.

2. Ewok. All girls like cute and cuddly things, and there is nothing cuter and cuddly than an Ewok. I know you might not like the means they want to be Wookie, but remember it’s not about you. Tell the love of your life that if she likes them, you will give her an Ewok doll. I don’t know if you can, but you can tell her you’ll try.

3. C3PO. Girls like gay guys. They see them as a man friend with feminine advice and who best fits that role of C3PO. Once they know that he is gay, they will watch the entire movie laughing at his antics and hoping that he will find another gay robot so they can live happily ever after.

4. Princess Leia. Chicks love a great strong and tough female lead. They also love a soft and feminine character that they can relate to. Leia Organa has it all. She is tough but tender, brave but scared. You tell your partner that she is a role model and a person she respects. This will earn you brownie points every time. You show an intellectual side. Hey, you lie if you have to, but remember I was trying to sit down and watch our favorite movie here.

5. Cry when Darth Vader dies. When Luke Skywalker takes off his helmet, he sheds a tear. Show your girlfriend that you have a soft side. Girls appreciate it. They may not feel the same way, but if he gets you excited, you will be able to watch him more often.

Now that you’ve got it because you like Star Wars, you don’t want to screw it up by doing something stupid. Unfortunately, as men, we’re almost programmed to do stupid things, and what’s the biggest mistake we can make when watching Star Wars?

“Gee Leia looks good in that slave dress!”

And in an instant you blew it up.

Let’s be clear in saying all this, I have tried everything and still have not managed to conquer it. Mind you, it’s better to try than to fail altogether.

Terry Shadwell

PS I know where you can find a Princess Leia slave dress!

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