Bricks naturally attract children, which is a great thing because playing with bricks helps children develop many life skills essential for a happy life. These strengths include language, physical, cognitive and emotional development. Activity ideas focused on these areas, when planned, increase learning and global growth potential in children.

Furthermore, studies show that complex block-building activities help children learn necessary math skills as they discover math combinations and associate the numerical value of block quantities. This article provides a variety of activity ideas for playing with bricks.

Very young children between the ages of 1 and 1/2 years and older can start playing with blocks. When making your choice of toys for this age group, try to avoid plastic styles as they tend to have uneven surfaces and can be difficult to stack. This can create a frustrating learning experience for the child. The great quality blocks are available from a variety of brands including Melissa and Doug, Maxim and Citiblock.

Ideas for activities can be planned according to two categories: divergent and convergent problem solving skills. The divergent activities of the building blocks allow children to find a solution by trial and error until the right working solution is identified. The puzzle building blocks activities are a good example of a divergent activity idea. Another example of this type of business is Melissa and Doug’s Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks. The set is designed for children aged 2 and up. The 10-piece set contains visually appealing blocks in many colors. A carry case is included with this set to help children learn that cleaning is also an important aspect of responsible activity play. One activity idea parents can try is to introduce one or two numbers or letters of the alphabet to your child at a time, so that it’s not too much that it won’t overwhelm the child in early learning.

Throwing a plastic ball to knock down stacked blocks is also an activity idea to try. As each block is collected and repositioned, you can ask your child to identify the number of letters in the newly learned alphabet to improve cognitive recall. You can also count how many blocks have fallen and how many are still standing to encourage math building skills.

As children grow and find that stacking blocks is a simple task, move on to convergent type blocks. Convergent play involves those activities that have many options for a solution, highlighting the flexibility of creativity. Children learn to distinguish the differences between block sizes and develop physically; using the arm muscles to reach and stack which also uses hand-eye coordination. The Melissa and Doug Brick Collection includes the “100 Wood Block Set” for ages 3 and up. This set allows the child’s imagination to take center stage, and in so doing, cognitive skills in creating abstract concepts help promote their thinking skills.

Haba’s Color Architectural Fantasy Building Blocks and Melissa and Doug Sets feature colorless columns to help kids test their building imaginations in a colorless base type of block set. Here they can truly understand and describe the difference between the shape and function of each brick when stacked or side by side, all put to the test of their individual imagination. Brands like Citiblock offer a different way of using flat block styles to build structures. Melissa and Doug’s Maxim toy trains and Blocks on Wheels wooden units are equipped with wheels to introduce young minds to the concept of wheel rolling.

All of these toys invite parents to get involved by creating fictional scenarios when they can suggest a project to build, such as a house or barn. Incorporate appropriately sized items such as block animals and people to encourage your child’s ideas. Set aside story time and play of building blocks so that your child can understand how the story unfolds by using all the senses and to stimulate creativity in different narratives.

The prices of building blocks are affordable and generally cheap compared to other toys. And although many toys may be equipped with bells and whistles, most tend to appeal to only one or two senses of sight and sound, while bricks help children cognitively experiment, learn social skills, and take them on a journey without. limitations.

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