Did you know that receiving help and other heartfelt gifts from others is actually a service?

I am blessed with the most wonderful sister in the world. She has always been there for me, for better or for worse. She has always taken care of me since we were little. I have such deep appreciation and love for her. Over the years, I’ve wondered how to return them. I felt guilty and uncomfortable about everything she did for me.

As I grew in understanding, I realized that she enjoyed giving and I had to learn to accept it kindly. And, as we progressed in life, I had the opportunity to give them back in other ways. E-she had to learn to gracefully accept my heartfelt gifts to her! We are both still in the works and are continually improving.

Most people have trouble receiving the gifts they are offered, be it gifts of time, help, money, or things. They feel they need to be able to be strong enough to go it alone no matter what. Perhaps he has been taught that it is not polite to accept help from others. One of the main reasons we block acceptance of help is because we feel we do not deserve to ask for help or receive it when it is offered to us. Many of us simply don’t feel worthy.

This is what happens energetically with giving and receiving.

When we give to someone we are letting the energy of love flow. That energy has to be received. If not, the flow of energy is blocked. He has nowhere to go. So the energy is blocked.

Think about it for a moment. Imagine having a friend who was very independent and then suddenly got sick. You offered to help them by cooking for them or running errands or taking them to the doctor. But they turned down your offer, telling you they simply couldn’t allow you to knock yourself out like that. What would it be like? It feels like rejection and frustration. You feel drained of energy. And, indeed, you are.

Now imagine them saying, “Oh thank you! That would be so nice and helpful!” How does it feel? Pretty good, right? You actually feel more energy flowing through you, as if you were the one receiving a gift. This is because when we emit energy and it is received, it returns to us multiplied.

When you gratefully receive what someone offers, you allow the energy to flow.

Because it is important to allow ourselves to receive.

Since we are constantly sending vibrations to the universe, it is important to be aware of what we are thinking and feeling. What messages are we telling the universe about what we want? What do we tell ourselves about what we deserve? The Universe always corresponds to us where we are, vibrationally.

Giving and receiving gifts is uplifting for both people. Increase your vibration! When you say yes to someone who offers a gift out of love, you also say yes to the universe. YOU ARE SAYING THAT YOU ARE READY TO RECEIVE THE GIFTS THE UNIVERSE HAS IN STORE FOR YOU! Blocking the gifts of others tells the universe you don’t want to receive. Block your flow of abundance and other good things.

How many times have you rejected or deflected a compliment? Compliments are gifts that others want to give us! Practice saying, “Thank you very much!” with a smile when you are complimented. You will notice that you both feel relieved and happier!

We live in a self-confirming Universe.

What we focus on is what we see most reflected in us. So when we open up to receive, the universe gives us more! We allow the universe to give us what we need at all times and in the simplest way possible.

What this flow of energy shows us is that when you give, you also receive and when you receive, you give. It is an energy cycle that must be completed. The nature of energy is movement.

So practice receiving with gratitude and practice giving with joy. You are then in sync with the universal energy flow. When you are in the highest flow, magic happens!

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