The advances that have been made in children’s toys are astounding. And children’s play furniture has evolved hand in hand. When I was little, building a tower of blocks or Lego on the carpet was part of the challenge. There are now game tables galore that not only provide a firmer foundation than 70s-style orange carpet, but also storage space, and come with a supply of building materials to boot!

Kids love a table their size

If a toy or game uses a horizontal surface, there is a custom table to provide that perfect surface for hours of play. The little ones benefit in particular from the increased play capacity provided by a game table. A child between the ages of 18 months and two may love blocks, train tracks, or Duplo blocks until they keep falling off when mom walks past them. The dexterity required to build a stable tower or prevent a train from breaking is often beyond a child’s ability. This leaves them frustrated. A game table removes the frustration of a movable carpet base.

The game tables are low to the ground, keeping all toys within easy reach for the child. This can benefit the gaming regime in several ways. Lifting the play surface off the floor is great for the child, as he keeps his toys safely out of reach of the sibling who is spinning around on the mat. This removes the calamity of reaching and curious baby fingers accidentally stealing the foundation of your baby’s creations. Standing or sitting to play at your table is a lot of fun, undisturbed and stable.

Moms and dads love the confined mess

The benefits of playing with a table are not limited to the child. Parents also benefit. As noted above, there is likely to be less discussion due to accidental landings or broken tracks. Keeping older siblings’ toys out of the baby’s reach is also an added child-proof measure. Little pieces of toy trains or tiny Legos are just the right size to fit the child into their curious little mouths. Instead of banning all toys with small pieces until the child gets through the choking stage, a table can keep messy toys with small parts safely out of reach.

In the act of rescuing toys with small pieces from exile, game tables do not exhaust their benefits by virtue of their height.

A tabletop has a natural limiting effect on clutter. The playing area is clearly defined as the start and end at the edge of the table. This means that you no longer have to unload the bins and litter the contents in the farthest corners of the room and under all the furniture. The area under the table is perfect for storing used pieces on the top shelf. Some game table models are equipped with integrated storage areas.

Children’s tables and chairs make the whole family happy

How many times has it happened that you and your child have decided to make a Lego jungle to populate with toy animals, or a block castle for your little ones or the perfect railroad complete with steps and drawbridges, then when the construction is complete game time is up and you never played? This is often the case because many of us have full schedules. A game table is also useful here. Instead of having to put all the clutter away, the table surface now serves as a storage area for that perfect setting. Now you can build your own train track and play with it too.

This is great because you can leave the towers unfinished to play later or keep the perfectly built railroad intact for use over the course of many weeks.

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