Children’s toy pianos are great for aiding their development, not just musically, but in their overall education as well. Playing the piano, even a toy piano, helps foster creativity and also provides the child with self-confidence that allows him to easily interact socially with others.

There is a huge range of toy pianos online, from very small ones suitable for toddlers to multi-octave spinets that are not so much toys as real musical instruments. But why a piano? What is a piano that is specifically effective in promoting these important educational benefits and socially acceptable skills?

It is generally accepted that if a child learns to play the piano and is able to play in front of others, they will also be more able to stand in front of others to give a presentation, present a topic, and generally be confident in front of one. crowd of people. This is an important social skill that is often overlooked in general school education. In addition to that, the hand-eye coordination required to play helps develop and improve fine motor skills that will help the child in other fields such as sports and play essential to any child’s development.

Developing creativity in a child is also an important part of development, and young children like nothing more than to make sounds that they have created themselves. Have you ever seen a child bump into a drum, perfectly content with just making a noise? With a piano, that noise can have varied tones that offer the child the opportunity to be truly creative.

If a child is provided with a real musical instrument that has been designed and built as a children’s piano rather than a toy, then this creativity can be developed even further, as it will produce the same sound every time from the same key or key combination. This dependence on sound obtained through specific actions is important for children in their learning that the same actions will have the same effects. Consistency in results provides confidence and understanding of cause and effect. The same actions have the same effects over and over again.

Children’s pianos of all styles are available on the Internet, and typical among these are Schoenhut’s 18-key tabletop models which are complete in every detail, including black keys. The tuning is perfect and the sound obtained from small hammers hitting carefully worked and tuned metal rods. This type of piano is suitable for preschoolers who will have a lot of fun just making a sound. However, they will soon begin to recognize that certain keys provide them with certain sounds, and while they may not yet be able to create or even distinguish melodies from random sounds, they will have preferred keys for their favorite sounds.

Once your child is able to eliminate the same sounds consistently with a little help from you, perhaps you may want them to graduate to something a little bigger to provide them with a bigger challenge. They can have their own 25-key 2-octave piano with its own little piano stool that will delight them as they no longer need to have the piano on the table. It is independent, just like that of mom or dad.

This would give them a big boost and make them feel like they are growing up. If you have aspirations for your child to be musical, then this is the way to go. Amaze them that they have a musical instrument and not a toy, even though it can be difficult with a three or four year old!

However, as they improve, there’s no reason they shouldn’t move to a full three octave keyboard. With 37 frets, that’s probably as much as a kid can handle, but if you don’t keep an eye on them, they’ll try to reach your full height or even your little grand!

There is no doubt, and the vast majority of pedagogical experts agree, that bringing a child to the piano from an early age is very beneficial, not only for his future musical abilities, but also for his education and development. in general. However, this is especially true if the piano is a true working model with consistency in tone and tuning and more than just a toy.

So take that step to give your young son or daughter a push up the ladder. Toy pianos designed just for kids are available online for less than $ 60.

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