If your bathroom is cluttered with cosmetics for several family members, half-filled bottles and grooming tools, it’s time to clean up, clean and convert it into a fresh, green and rejuvenating space!

First, clear out the room and modify all your personal belongings. This means that you will have to put similar things together and let go of duplicates, products that no one uses, medications and expired makeup. Be determined to eliminate everything except the items you will actually use.

Before loading all the things you need to store in your space, give it a facelift. You can create a healthy, functional and pleasant bathroom with colors, smart storage and easy-to-clean surfaces. Start at the top and work your way down to ground level.

  1. Ceiling – While you may not spend a lot of time looking at your ceiling, don’t ignore it.
  • Paint – If it’s been a while since you last painted this space, freshen it up with a fresh coat of VOC-free interior ceiling paint. And, if you have any vents in the ceiling that look a little dirty, take them off, wash them, and revive them with low-VOC spray paint.
  • Ventilation – A fan in the bathroom will remove odors and moisture that can lead to mold growth. So make sure your fan is in good condition. Remove the lid, clean it and, if necessary, dust the lid with low-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) spray paint.
  • Walls – One of the most dramatic yet inexpensive changes you can make to your space is to freshen up the walls.
    • Patch – If you have any nicks or small holes in the wall, apply a small amount of spackling paste to create a smooth surface for painting.
    • First – If there are stains, crayon marks or dark paint on the walls, we recommend that you apply a good quality primer before painting. Special low-VOC stain-resistant primers will ensure stains don’t bleed through your topcoat. In addition, they will provide a smoother finish and reduce the number of finishes needed. Smart tip: Primer typically costs less than paint, so use it to reduce the overall cost of painting.
    • Paint – Choosing a color for your walls is where you can express your individual style. That said, it’s a good idea to avoid a dark color as it can distort reflections in the mirror which may cause you to apply too much makeup. Another important consideration is the type of paint to use. Select a semi-gloss or kitchen and bathroom paint. This type of paint is easy to clean and resists mold. As a final point, there are many low-VOC or non-VOC color choices available.
  • Cabinets – Hidden storage is a must for any bathroom. To determine how much you need, measure the volume of materials you want to hide, measure the space available, then purchase a unit that fits your style and budget.
    • vanity – A spacious vanity is a real plus. You can store the toiletries of each family member in a handy organizer, keep the towels clean and no one will be wiser. Smart tip: Converting an antique dresser into a dressing table is a smart way to go green. If it’s not in your cards to buy a new vanity, spray a new coat of paint over your existing vanity and add new hardware for an updated look.
    • Medicinal – Medicine cabinets are the ideal space to store unexpired medicines and remedies for: headaches, cuts, burns, coughs, colds, etc. Modern medicine cabinets aren’t just functional, they’re almost a wall art. They come in a variety of styles and shapes, and you can even get one with anti-fog mirrors. If you want to use your existing medicine cabinet and it has a wood or laminate door, update it by painting it the same soothing color you use on the walls.
  • Water collection devices – Almost 60% of domestic water use occurs in the bathroom. Here are some things you can do to curb your consumption and save a few dollars.
    • Toilet – You can buy a low flow toilet for around $ 200.00 or if you need to work with your existing model, put a 1 liter plastic bottle (filled with stones) in the tank and you will get the same results. Smart Tip: Make sure your toilet doesn’t leak and avoid using it as a bin – both are a huge waste of water.
    • Shower head – Convert your shower head to a low-flow model; prices range from $ 10.00 to $ 50.00. This modification will reduce the amount of water used without compromising performance. Smart tip: a bathroom consumes more water than a short shower.
    • Faucet – Get a low flow faucet aerator, they are easy to install and can be purchased for $ 3.00 to $ 10.00. The device mixes air with water to reduce the amount of water used. Look for one that has a rating of 2.75 gpm (gallons per minute) or less.
  • Lighting – Whether you upgrade your light fixture or keep what you have, be sure to switch to energy-saving light bulbs. FYI, according to energystar.gov, “If every American home replaced just one light bulb with an ENERGY STAR qualified light bulb, we would save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes for a year, over $ 600 million in annual energy costs, and prevent greenhouse gases equivalent to the emissions of over 800,000 cars “.
  • Flooring – If your bathroom floor has stains, tears or worn vinyl, fix it now.
    • Linoleum – One of the most durable, economical and environmentally friendly flooring options is linoleum. It is mainly made of linseed oil and comes in hundreds of color choices. Although it comes in both tile and sheet, it sticks with linoleum sheets as the tiles can stand up at the corners.
    • Vinyl – An affordable way to give your floor an updated look is to purchase some of the new detachable vinyls. It is easy to install – you can do it yourself and save on labor cost. In addition, it can be placed on a variety of existing materials. This product is available in 12 and 18 inch squares, thus making it possible to mix colors and patterns. Cleaning is child’s play, just wipe it with a damp cloth or rag.
    • Tile – This product is beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. If you decide to buy it, be sure to select a moisture-resistant and non-slip tile. Installation ranges from easy to challenging, so keep this in mind in your decision making.
  • Organizers and accessories – Keeping your bathroom clean, tidy and organized will be easier if you use some of the gadgets below.
    • Wall hooks – Assemble one for each family member so they can hang up their dressing gown or wet towel after a shower. Even the little ones can use this tool without assistance.
    • Shelving – When cabinet storage isn’t enough, go vertical and install the wall shelves. If possible, reuse the old lumber you have in the garage. So buy a basket for each person, label it with their name, and gather their toiletries.
    • Above the door hook – This handy organizer comes with up to 6 hooks. Just slip it over the door; it will not interfere with closing the door. This apparatus easily captures any type of garment.
    • Pocket shower curtain – This smart device does double duty. It is a shower curtain and has pockets for storing items. The shower curtain can be used as a liner or stand alone curtain, plus the pockets can be facing in or out of the shower. This item is great for storing beauty products and bath toys within easy reach. Smart Tip: If you are planning to buy a decorative shower curtain, look for one made of hemp as it resists mold.
    • Adjustable shower box – Simplehuman is a sleek unit that fits over the shower head and has two shelves that move up and down and side to side to accommodate tall bottles. This container holds a lot of product, plus the bottles can be stored upside down for easier dispensing.

    Follow the tips above and you’ll find that a serene, clutter-free bathroom with energy-saving devices doesn’t have to be a dream.

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