Babies are growing up too fast these days for anyone’s comfort. They seem to learn faster and as long as it’s limited to that, all parents seem to enjoy the thought of their child learning fast. But this also implies that they will start acting like teenagers much sooner. Teens seem to grow up and go from playing dolls to applying makeup almost overnight. Sometimes it comes as a real shock to the parent who hasn’t searched carefully enough.

The media and exposure to a vast area of ​​information have fermented this shift that is taking place in our adolescence today. Teen magazines have a particularly strong impact on the mindset of teenagers and they seem to be in love with the information provided on the latest pop stars and models. Teen magazines have changed over time to satisfy the growing curiosity of children. Previously these magazines talked about a celebrity’s favorite color or favorite clothing, but now they publish relationship facts, makeup tips, and hair tips to get teens to try them on their own.

They no longer give the ethically right message of waiting for the right person to come and take the plunge, but they discuss ways and means to attract the “hottest” guy in town and how to get and hold him. All this talk puts a lot of pressure on teenage girls to have a “boy” who is “in” with the times and to flaunt him. This leads to a lot of problems with more and more teenagers trying to imitate pop stars and celebrities. They crave the lean, emaciated appearance and diet, and a large portion become anorexic. They worry about a bad day with their hair and want to skip school if they have even a small pimple spot on their face.

The clothing and accessory stores actually favor the cause by providing the latest clothes, ranging in size from small to extra small. The choice of accessories is so large from an attractive and captivating range of range that it becomes impossible to decide what to buy.

Teenage boys, however, haven’t been as influenced by teen magazines, they’re quite happy with their involvement in sports, bikes, and mixing decks. These days they are interested in and attracted to girls at a young age, but are not overly attached to the corporate world with accessories, clothing and makeup.

Although parents protest the influence the ten magazines have on kids and the irresponsible way corporate corporations are behaving, these protests are refuted by companies on the pretext that these magazines are aimed at children aged sixteen and over. . Indeed, these companies want to make the most of this trend and try to lure teens into more and more consumerism and imitate role models to make higher profits and earn more.

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