The 50th wedding anniversary is a milestone that should be celebrated by every couple. Half a century of love, laughter and tears is meant to be enjoyed with friends and family. Still, many old couples are too shy to throw a lavish party on such a special occasion. Thankfully, running a surprise anniversary celebration is very simple and can be planned by children or grandchildren. The reason is that over the years the books and books have been filled with mementos that can be used as inspiration for the party.

Here is the step by step guide on how to organize a surprise party that brings back cherished memories and creates new unforgettable ones.

  • Start with a gift delivered at midnight

Since a prominent couple of the day has no idea that a party is planned to celebrate their 50th birthday, the best strategy is to get them out of the way even further. The advice is to order online or make a small gift and have it delivered to your home at 12:00. The happy couple will be delighted with the present and will believe that this is the end of the celebration because a midnight delivery is quite special. This will ensure that you don’t bother making sure the surprise isn’t ruined by the couple before the party starts.

  • Switch to gorgeous invitations:

The next step after the online cake or online gift is to plan the invitations. A small gathering that includes only closest friends and family or a lavish affair, both require creative invitations because the event is remarkable. Some simple ideas are:

  • Print the couple’s favorite photo on the card

  • Using the same theme as that of the party decor

  • Taking inspiration from the sanctity and integrity of marriage

  • Decide on the theme of the party:

Once the invitations are designed, printed, and posted, think about the party concept. Traditionally, the theme of a 50th wedding celebration is gold and the flowers they depict are violets. So ideally the party idea should be gold and purple. You can use the two colors to decorate the venue and also in the cards that are sent to the guests. For gifts to the couple of the day, you can use a gold watch or cufflinks for the man and gold jewelry for the woman.

For a more modern approach, you can choose a different theme. An example would be an old song or movie that the couple have always loved. Or you can just create a timeline of their 50 years together. Use images and videos from the past to create a walk in memory.

  • Choice of the evening menu:

A delicious cake with great free-flowing food and drink are the three tricks for an extraordinary party. Start by carefully choosing a 50th anniversary cake. A good online cake order will help you select the most appropriate design. The ideal design would be a photo cake with a photograph of the couple. If you want to stick to a theme, use the same colored icing on the cake as a decoration.

When it comes to food, why not really surprise the people of the moment by including all their favorite dishes. Draw up a menu that has all the delicacies that make your mouth water. The food and drink menu should be all about indulgence in a 50th wedding party.

  • Update some old memories:

A golden wedding anniversary is mainly about reliving the years that have passed. It brings back the joy of yesteryear along with a feeling of fulfillment. Some ideas that can be incorporated throughout the day are:

  • A vow renewal ceremony that is an exact copy of the first. It may include the exchange of rings and garlands.

  • A slideshow with photos and videos of all the landmarks of a life spent together. The images can be a mixture of color and black and white. They can show marriage, have children and then grandchildren.

  • A playlist that has all the old songs playing, especially those loved by the couple and that have memories related to them.

  • End with entertainment:

A party is as much about the guests as it is about the main members. Friends and family should feel included in the celebration. A key way to do this is to ask them to make toasts that talk about old memories related to the couple. Music is also essential when it comes to entertainment. Keep it as a backdrop at the start of the event and afterwards you can ask people to go down to the dance floor.

Some extra tips

As long as you follow the ideas discussed above, it will be easy to throw a terrific party. But a few additional tips never hurt anyone.

  • Create custom napkins by printing them with initials and 50th.

  • A photo booth is always a successful idea.

  • Give your guests personalized memories of the day.

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