Ok, I’m 40 and I know it should be the new 30, but I never believed it and beyond; I thought my life plan was set! T. Harv Eker, a person who with some skepticism thought he only wanted my seminar money, proved me wrong. I learned that very quickly with a little mental tweak, and no, he didn’t hypnotize me to follow every lead of him – that anyone can change their life plan – for the better!

I was tired of living from paycheck to paycheck and no longer needed to look at the family budget as it was etched in my mind, it was actually more like I cut my mind with a razor. Anyway, my mind hurts. I felt dismayed at my career choice. I never had enough money. I wanted more but like most, I didn’t do anything about it. T. Harv Eker insisted that I do something about it. Do I have to believe him? Was he really the millionaire he claimed to be him?

While I found it terribly numb of her to think that she could change my life plan and that I could make more money than I ever imagined possible, I held my chin up and listened. This was the first night of this three day weekend seminar and I was still a bit skeptical. What could T Harv Eker know about me? This was the first time he even visited my city! How could she know what he really was like here? He probably looked it up on Wikipedia and now he’s the expert!

When I felt my husband nudge me from time to time during the start of Eker’s seminar – he wanted to go, I suddenly realized I was no longer listening to my husband. I was listening to T. Harv Eker! What did this man know about my mind and what did I want to do with I have been married for 15 years? Mr. Eker seemed to know my mind and he didn’t even know me!

I was captured by my life project. Stuck in a world, I felt someone else set it up for me. Was it the college professor I liked? I know my mother-in-law always insists that I shut my mouth and take life as it comes. T. Harv Eker did not take her life as she came, she changed hers. And now he promises me that I can too – all the wealth I want in just 2 1/2 years!

My head was wavering; she was talking too fast! I knew I still had two days of T. Harv but I was sure I was missing something! I moved to an empty chair that a madman had abandoned just two minutes later to get away from my husband pushing me and leaned forward. Then it happened. T. Harv’s eyes and mine met and I knew he would absolutely be able to help me change my project.

Ok, you’re skeptical too, I was! But as she explained, the power of my design was in my mind, not in anyone else’s but in MY MIND. I guess I never wanted to be in sales management – no, now I knew I didn’t want to be in sales management and T. Harv Eker was my way out.

At the end of the three day seminar, my husband and I got together and I speak for both of us when I say we both felt a little reborn. When we got home that night, we decided to continue this journey and signed up for one of Harv’s most popular seminars called “Don’t Work No More”. His Millionaire Mind Intensive uplifting guide was great, but not enough! With the tools and teachings of Harv we knew we could change our life: be rich not only in money but also in relationships and attitudes.

If you’re stuck and bored and just plain tired of the same old stuff, you too need to go to a T. Harv Eker seminar. IT WILL CHANGE your life, no doubt. I’d offer more here, but I’m a little involved sipping a margarita by the pool looking at mine reborn Swen pool boy.

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