It can be a little … not quite … overwhelming to embark on the process of setting up a new nursery. There is a multitude of products, styles, colors and prices and it’s all so damn cute. Not to mention, all that has to do with kids is prime time marketing. So often we are forced to believe that we must have or do this or that to give the best to our little ones.

Many parents will confirm that it is very easy to get carried away by the enthusiasm of baby products and clever selling techniques that would make us believe that children are demanding high-end, elaborate and quite imaginative products. What really matters is that the products purchased for your little one’s bedroom are safe and give you peace of mind as well as satisfying both your needs and those of the child. With this in order, you can have a lot of fun decorating and organizing an adorable nursery.

Read on to learn about the essential aspects to consider when preparing your baby’s bedroom …

Safety, space and comfort above all:

Australian Standards and New Zealand Standards – Do your research to ensure that the products you invest in meet current Australian and New Zealand standards and guidelines. Although the most reputable retailers only stock items that meet the standards, it is best to be familiar with the standards and be sure that what you are buying is safe according to the best directions available.

Space – Be clear about the space available in the baby’s room as this will affect the size of the furniture you can consider. Also consider space-saving furniture, such as the combination changing table / drawer set or changing tables that fit over the top of the cot.

Paint – Make sure any paint used on the furniture (including the furniture you are considering repainting) is lead-free and non-toxic.

Plan the Nursery Layout – Cribs are best placed away from windows and shelves and it’s important to consider the length of the cords for curtains and blinds. Cables must be shortened or removed entirely.

Room temperature – Investing in a room thermometer is a great idea to ensure that the room is kept at the right temperature for the baby. If you are heating the room before the baby goes to bed, make sure the stove is never left on when the baby sleeps in the room.

Power outlets – Make sure all power outlets in the room are child-proof. The covers can be purchased in online and offline children’s stores.

Some specifics for the bedroom furniture:

Cot – The cot mattress must fit the cot exactly and must be firm and clean. No cell phones, toys or bumpers should be placed inside the cot as they can restrict airflow, an important factor related to SIDS. Above the cot it is always possible to place a mobile to entertain the child.

Bedding – All bedding used in the cot must have no laces, cords or buttons that could cause strangulation or suffocation. Pillows, quilts and doonas should only be used for babies over 12 months of age.

Changing Time – It’s convenient to have everything you need for a diaper change close but out of reach for your baby. You will need and need lotions, creams, and of course diapers close at hand but not so close that they can cause danger or distract your baby.

Toy Boxes – Ideal toy boxes are lightweight, have a non-latching lid, and are well ventilated. Make sure the toy boxes are placed away from the baby’s crib and preferably out of sight of the baby – it is not helpful for the baby to spy on the toy box while you are trying to put him to sleep.

Night light or lamp – The last thing you want to do in the middle of the night is wake up the baby with too much stimulation in the room. A dim light or lamp can be a great investment, allowing you to see what you are doing with minimal disruption to the baby.

Funny things!

Setting up your baby’s bedroom can also be a lot of fun. Since the nursery is a place to sleep, calm, soothing colors are recommended, and particularly if the baby’s gender is not known, neutral colors such as yellow and green are a good idea.

There are many beautiful stencils and stickers available, and many of them are themed – the sea and fairy scenes are just two examples. Consider painting walls or applying transfers with pictures you like.

Nurseries can also be beautifully decorated with photographs, toys, crafts, ornaments and special family treasures. Don’t be afraid to paint your pictures and display them in the children’s room; these can be simple and add a personal touch to the newest and dearest family member’s room.

Creating a nursery is a special time for every family. Taking into account the safety considerations listed above, you can enjoy the process of creating a unique and special place for your smallest member of the family.

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