Not all things that are broken should be fixed.

Yes, because breaking up is a wonderful experience. Oh, don’t raise your morale brow. Because no one has the right to fix anything; you don’t have to worry, right?

Let the one who has such frailty be the one who heals himself. He lets time heal the broken ego, spirit or thing. Never worry about saying a piece of your mind, because no one has the right to say it, unless you are the one suffering. Suffer if you have to and feel all the pain.

Yes, test your strength and grit and everything in between. Because the only way to know your inner power is through your own downfall. Peeling the banana is exposing the inside to the elements before you could eat such a type of fruit.

Like our ego, when we are exposed to failure, judgment and all … either we close our shell and hide, or we face the elements and see our inner strength.

To withstand the test of fate, one must gather one’s power within oneself. Through the detachment of the outer layers, we tend to become vulnerable. and this vulnerability is an opportunity to know what kind of stuff we are made of. What power has it been within us that may have been why, despite all the odds, we still remain calm, cautious and thoughtful.

Yes, inner strength can be gained once we know the essence of the break. That feeling of nothing to hold onto, just like being submerged in the ocean, doesn’t have the ability to swim to shore, much less stay afloat.

This wonderful feeling of being vulnerable … could be a revelation of your hidden power. To be ashamed of something, assume a skeleton in your closet has been exposed!

Well, you don’t have to curl up in fear. You just need to face the music. And from there you see how your sanity is intact, without making any attempts to take flight or react.

Yes, letting breaking up be the only way to determine your strength sometimes. The power to stay calm, healthy, and thankful for the chance to get to know you better. What kind of stuff are you made of?

Well, let your frailty be exposed to the elements and from there you can gauge your strength to withstand the storms of life!

Yes, your conscience is there to guide you.

Your ego is there to keep the gate.

What kind of outside interference are you allowing to bother you? How far has your patience been stretched and you still remain calm, sane and healthy?

All these things could be a journey, full of wisdom and could empower you more … to be more, to do more … a powerhouse to start all over again, to be reborn like a phoenix from the ashes … We die every minute, when we allow ourselves to grow and shine. Dying is not bad if we only see the wisdom behind it. So I die every minute, yes, when this is the end of something unhealthy, immoral or what … even the simple censorship of your thoughts, especially negative ones, is bliss … a death of negative vibes and it should be changed into something positive, an uplifting spirit of self-love, respect and compassion.

Yes, fragility is a stepping stone to a more satisfying feeling of having discovered the inner strength to survive the embarrassment, failure that got a wish, even the journey is a long whole stretch of Boracay beach, where your foot swells before you can reach the other end.

Oh, how funny this wandering mental activity of mine is. A writer is similar to the vaquero, which lets the carabao or cow leash in its entirety not restrict letting the animal move, providing more grass to eat and covering a larger space to move. He had a leash free from constraints!

Yes, a post is important, but letting go is a wonderful experience, even just a few moments and seeing what you have covered, getting the gems and throwing the chaff. even better. reusing the chaff into something, for who knows, what it could become especially when held by a creative mind. Don’t limit your possibilities, let breakups be a door to more opportunities to find out what’s inside and be amazed.

Yes, there is always a surprise behind every closed door. Don’t be afraid to open or close it later.

Breaking is a door. Open it and see what’s inside. Then close when you find out, a thing or two, don’t reveal.

A writing exercise full of wisdom early in the morning, while they sleep – and are wide awake.

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