One thing I have to start with is the word “passion”. This is not only a word openly used in the context of the sun sign of Scorpio, but it is also misunderstood and limited to only the romantic sense in most times. For the Scorpio woman, passion isn’t just physical, it’s more than that. She has one of these three reactions to everything in her life: love it, hate it, or ignore it. So it is not possible for her to take anything lightly or without sincerity. She is too sincere to joke with anything, be it someone’s emotions or even the feeling attached to any idea or concept.

He is powerful, with his powerful intuition and charismatic personality. Of course, not all Scorpio women out there will be as charismatic as Julia Roberts or Indira Gandhi, but most of them have enough charm to attract at least a couple of men to them every year. Her intuitive mind works in a flash, and she is usually among those who have a premonition of the future albeit in the weakest sense. It’s not a creepy thing, just something that’s there in her. Her mind acts more like a radar that captures occult signals better than most other zodiac signs. Her sun sign sister, a Pisces woman would perhaps receive somewhat equal signals from heaven above as she is.

He has this problem with his gender – he would like to be a man. Without a doubt she is one of the most feminine women of all twelve zodiac signs, but to her being a man means more opportunities with fewer restrictions. She knows very well that being a woman in this society would mean that she would have to curb her power at least outwardly so that her man her and the men related to her can give her privileges that are primarily in the hands of man. . This is the only reason why she secretly wishes to be on the side of the powerful.

Her desire to be a woman is no less and she undoubtedly does a great job of being the perfect woman. She is not cold like a Capricorn, nor is she aggressive like a Sagittarius. She is calm and composed, with all the charm in her eyes and voice. Scorpio women are rarely beautiful in the conventional sense of the term. Unlike Libra women or even Gemini women, she has stronger features that somehow give you an inkling that she isn’t really the Barbie doll type.

But his behavior will not betray that emotion. She can act like the perfectly demure girl because she likes to continue the show. She likes to remain unavailable as your life and inner character unfold before her. As much as you may try, somehow she will come to know things about you that you never wanted to tell anyone. It is not magic, just pure and simple intuition and magnetism. Her magnetic character attracts not only people, but secrets as well.

A Scorpio woman is proud, and for self-respect and loyalty to herself. If she’s your friend, keep her. If she isn’t, she tries not to mess it up too much. Most of the time, she will ignore you. But if you do something that can hurt her, she will take revenge no matter how long it takes.

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