It’s amazing how the new world has offered people so many different ways to be creative and productive from their homes. In today’s world, if you’re not making money from your job, you have hundreds of other ways to make that money. Selling crafty, unique and attractive items on Etsy is just one of those things. While Etsy offers you a platform to sell your handmade products, you can’t really grab attention unless you’re doing something special and unique for your customers. You can easily create a unique and stunning online store filled with loads of different types of Cricut crafts. Not everyone has a passion for crafts, but all people love to buy unique items that are not mass-produced and sold in stores around the world.

How to sell your Cricut items on Etsy

Of course, the first thing you need to do is create an account. In addition to that, you want to do some good things to draw attention to those beautiful Cricut products you will be creating. Here are some tips to help you sell handcrafted products on Etsy.

Create unique items

Be unique with what you sell. Try to be unique with respect to advertising. You must understand that people who come to Etsy are not looking for commercial products. They want something different, unique and fresh. If your products are a rip off of something that’s already on the market, you may not get any attention. Think about providing different types of products such as custom glasses, vinyl lettering t-shirts, hand crafted Cricut signs to decorate homes for any season and occasion, and more.

Personalize your items

Always leave room in your items to add personalization. For example, if you sell hand-decorated glasses, you may want to allow your buyers to add their favorite names or quotes to the glasses with some vinyl decals. This way, they can gift the item to someone after customizing it for them.

Build it on a passion

Start with a passion for Etsy, and that’s what will make you happy. Don’t start selling something just for the purpose of selling it. Your passion will come through your designs and make you stand out from the crowd. It will also help you always come up with new creative ideas as you expand your Etsy shop with a variety of products.

Put high quality images

You can’t really grab people’s attention in thousands of other crafty items unless you’re advertising the product in the best possible way. Make sure you take bright, colorful, attractive and eye-catching photos of your products. The image should make it clear what your product is. If you have to use a professional photographer for the job, go for it.

Cricut Craft Product Ideas to Sell on Etsy

If you know how to work with a Cricut cutting machine, then with your Cricut craft ideas, you can be the star of Etsy. Here are some things you can do with your Cricut creations and market them on the website.

Iron-on stickers for T-shirts

People love to wear unique items these days. T-shirts can never go out of style. In addition to their ease and comfort, the shirts are a favorite of people because they can make a statement with them. You can sell crafty, witty, fun, and thought-provoking vinyl decals for people’s t-shirts. These are super easy to create with any Cricut vinyl cutting machine. You’ll be surprised how much they love the flat iron for their bland white t-shirts.

Doll clothing

Cut the perfect doll clothing with your Cricut Maker. Cricut Maker is not a great machine for cutting adult clothing patterns, but it is definitely a great machine for cutting fabric for dolls or baby clothes. The popularity of children’s clothing items on the Internet is overwhelming. You can make a lot of money if you could only steal a small portion of this market today. Take it to the next level and complement these items with iron-on vinyl or Infusible Ink decals.

Small bags and purses

Did you know that the new Cricut Maker allows you to use many different attachments? With these accessories you can cut thick materials. And when you can cut the leather into the shapes you want, you know you can create some really chic, trendy and eye-catching items like purses, purses and even baby satchels. These will sell like hotcakes on Etsy.

Warm duvets

Winter is upon us and what better gift could you give your grandfather or grandmother this Christmas than a quilt? Yes, a better gift than a quilt is a handmade quilt. The new Cricut Maker has many different quilt patterns that allow you to create custom, elegant and fresh-looking quilts. You can use the machine to quickly cut out the fabric panels for you, a great way to streamline the process of making your quilts so you can make them quickly to refill your Etsy shop.

Final thoughts

Etsy offers you a platform where you can sell items that would otherwise not be possible to sell on Amazon and other conventional retailer websites. However, among thousands of items created by thousands of creative individuals, it is not easy to stand out unless you are a master at creating artful and crafty products. An easy way to streamline your product production line with the use of an electronic cutting machine like Cricut Maker. So, get one today, learn a new trade and become an entrepreneur.

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