Parents often ask how to help their baby crawl.

If I were to narrow the best way down to 5 steps, that would be my 5P scanning system.

Many parents know that crawling is one of the main milestones that babies need to master. It is a key time when your baby gets stronger, learns his surroundings, improves visual skills and improves physical abilities.

Crawling is a natural skill that most babies master automatically. But many times it just doesn’t happen, for a variety of very good reasons.

Like babies with poor head control they often dislike lying on their stomachs. And good head control is one of the key skills a baby must have in order to learn to crawl. So, if head control is mastered later than normal, subsequent development may also be a little slower than normal.

That’s when parents usually start asking for help around teaching their baby to crawl.

They are mostly just professionals who know how to teach babies to crawl. But they still only use a few proven techniques. Basically, most of these techniques encourage the baby to be more tolerable to lie on his stomach.

But there is one technique that I have found that works very well, is safe to try, and can be done by all parents.

I call it the 5P Baby Crawling System. It’s a 5-step logic system to get almost any baby to crawl in no time.

Let’s take a look at the 5P steps individually …

P – Put on the mat. The first thing a baby needs to master before there is hope of learning to crawl … is to feel comfortable in the lying on his stomach position. You will get great results if you talk and play with your baby when he is on the carpet.

P – Put a roller together. Roll an ordinary bath towel into a “sausage”. Of course, you can also buy any other type of roller. They are soft toys with a cylindrical shape … preferably solid. You have inflatable ones, but solid ones normally last much longer and can also be used to teach your child to sit and walk.

P – Position on the roller. Gently place the “sausage” under your baby’s upper body … the arms hang from the front of the “sausage”. The “sausage” towel supports your upper body – NOT your stomach – with your elbows just touching the mat. She should raise her upper body slightly, thus allowing her to discover her surroundings. Make sure his elbows touch the carpet – they must not be suspended in the air.

P – Place your elbows. Now you have to do something. Gently hold your baby by the elbows and draw him towards his body. It will almost look like your child wants to lie down on his elbows. He continues to provide support.

P – Run in front. This is the most important step. Lie on the floor directly in front of your child and face him. Now, let your baby look you in the face while you talk, have fun and encourage him.

The idea is to encourage the baby to endure longer sessions on the tummy. Your baby needs to focus on you and then he will spontaneously develop the sensation of using both elbows and legs for support. If it’s done right, you’ll soon see her support herself on both knees and arms straight … ready to crawl.

The power of this 5P system lies in lifting your baby’s upper body to look at their surroundings … all while lying down.

Plus, it only takes a few minutes a day to start seeing results. Obviously, if you can do more than one session a day, the results come faster.

The bottom line is … getting your baby to crawl is easy and important, but sadly unnecessarily overlooked. But anyone can use this 5-step scanning system to get results almost like clockwork.

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