Will children be as calm as adults, will they play, will they not scream, thinking? Rather, a small child will do a little bad, it will be easy to keep everyone away all day. This is normal for children. It is difficult for children to put books in one place. I don’t want to read anything. For writing and reading, it is important that many children choose to play all day. What’s the benefit of blaming children, where adults like to avoid dislikes? The child will not be forced to put the book together against the mind. In this way, the child’s mental development is interrupted and the child begins to dislike studying. Instead, we now know how play can be used in child rearing and mental development. To strengthen the child’s talent, he will have to become a little smart and talented through the joy of sports and laughter.

According to the researchers, since early childhood, the growth of the child’s body has increased and the mind is developed. Increasing the body means changing the shape and shape of the different organs. On the other hand, developing the mind means acquiring knowledge of the child’s knowledge, intelligence, talent, emotion and association with others.

Considering your child’s ability to possess talent, introduce him to another brain boosting game. Check out some of these kid-friendly games from here.

1. Ludu

You can learn how to count your child faster through this fun game. Teach them to play some of the rules. If you have time to sit with the baby to play. You can remove the baby’s fear by learning this game.

2. Chess

Chess is said to be a game of intelligence. Over 4,000 Venezuelan students showed that both boys and girls playing chess significantly increased their IQ scores in 4 months. If you want to make your child brilliant, introduce him to chess while he plays. But keep in mind that it’s a game of big and small, so don’t put pressure on the baby’s head. You need to be sure your child can enjoy the whole game first. Once your child has fun, merit development and play will be twofold.

3. Learn to count

You can teach your child to do your job, even without paper pens or toys. It is very easy to teach children to count to sit next to a saucer with some peas, gram boots or chocolate. From time to time, give the baby’s face a pair of chocolate, pea, or gram boots. You will see your child sit on the site laughing and learning to count the game.

4. Paint coloring game

Are the children changing the face of the house by drawing the walls of the house, the floor? Instead, do not interfere, but buy a separate seat or book pen, colored pencil. She will make a lot of mental progress thanks to her little talent and her mental development skills. So don’t forget to keep the Paintbrush in the children’s play list.

5. Video game

Continuously playing video games in front of a computer is a bad habit. True, but video games do many things in the development of a child’s intelligence. You decide how long your child plays in front of a computer but keep the video games on the list of games for children in intellectual development.

6. Cubes

Combining a few color combinations will make your smart kid just as fun. If your child gets smart with a little cube in the house instead of playing, then what’s wrong with that?

7. Puzzle games

Children also like to challenge, if they succeed in any job, they also raise their morale. This game will help your baby feel comfortable. Give your child direction in this game so that he can play through direction

8. Sudoku

A group of American Sudoku scientists have described the game as a brain game. As it helps in the development of intelligence, young and old alike can both play this game. So, through this game, you can work as a guide for your child. Love and more talent can become your child through this game.

9. Treasure hunt:

For us, treasure is more like gold, but it’s a teddy bear for your baby, a chocolate or a toy ball with a huge treasure. To develop your child’s intelligence you can use these little toys. Hide your baby’s things somewhere, whatever your baby likes, then tell him to bring out his favorite things where you hide. You will see that your child will be very careful. This game will increase your child’s concentration and attention and their curiosity will develop.

10. Indoor basketball

Indoor basketball is another game that will develop your child’s talent. Family members in their free time can join the team for the game. In a great family environment, your child’s mental health will improve. Put the list of indoor basketball games to develop baby’s right brain.

11. Longboard

Longboard is a kind of entertainment game. Since childhood, we love a little competition. You can compare other children’s talent with your child’s talent through this game. By riding the skateboard, your kid will be able to find talent towards the front. Because in this game there is a chance to win

In conclusion:

Don’t push the child to learn something. Teach them the way they want to learn. You will see that their intellectual development will take place soon. Teach your child the way your child wants to do as a parent. It is your responsibility to teach your child the right thing except you

The healthy, vigorous and intelligent children of today will be the future of the world. Therefore, parents, family, society, educational institutions will play a leading role in the development of the physical and mental intellectuals of these children of the future of the world. Do not hinder the mental, physical and intellectual development of the child by eliminating personal, family, social values ​​by making the best school admission, fasting in the classroom, by doing doctors and engineers.

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