Is there a reason some people get so much while others don’t at all or just … show a small percentage of their chances?

If it’s not magic … so what?

There is a story that gives an answer.

Many years ago the Brothers Grimm told a story that has somehow become one of the things people love to remember.

.. take a deep breath and listen.

Years ago there was a land that had its king. The king had a daughter.

A day

It was early in the morning when the girl decided to go to a forest. She had a golden ball with her, her favorite toy of hers. Immediately after entering the woods, she rushed to her favorite place of hers, a river, and she sat down beside it. She then she pulled the golden ball out of the bag and started throwing it up and taking it back. Until she fell into the water. She anxiously tried to find him, but the spring was so deep and the water was running fast … that she could not locate it. There she was, crying and looking for the toy … but it was gone. When something happened

He noticed movement beneath the surface of the water and in less than a minute a tiny frog showed up and said:

“I saw what happened and I can help you, but you have to promise … that you will take me with you to your house if I find the golden ball”

Without a moment’s hesitation, the girl agreed.

Then the frog disappeared into the water and found the toy …

The girl was too happy to remember her promise to the creature, and she left the place quickly. But the frog has not forgotten. He followed her to her castle and knocked on doors …

He was let in, why don’t you break the word you give …

Three days passed, while the frog was fed and left to sleep next to the girl …

On the morning of the fourth day, the frog turned into a man, who smiled and said:

“You kept your word and let the annoying frog stay under your roof … and that turned me into the man I was …”


And this reveals the answer to the question:

Is there a reason some people get so much while others don’t at all or just … show a small percentage of their chances?

like this:

Do you have any frogs in your life?

Very often just the simple act of seeing a problem from a different perspective turns it into a real opportunity …

Most of us fear change, the unexpected, the crisis or try to avoid looking to the future, at any cost … But every now and then we go ahead and kiss that frog, to see with amusement what happens next.

Some say that real opportunities only present themselves a few times in our lives …

The truth is, you choose the situation. You may have all the turning points and surprising possibilities you want. Here is one, prepared for you.

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