Many people often find themselves cleaning the house like crazy, because they want to make sure their home is clean for their children. Unfortunately, most people have no idea about the harmful toxins found in many household cleaning products. Many mothers and fathers find themselves using bleach to clean items purchased at garden sales and even cleaning walls or bathrooms. Why shouldn’t they? I mean, the bottles don’t say how toxic it is! All the production is concerned with is to make a parent think that the product is great for killing germs, so as parents we buy them. They do not warn users of the toxins contained in these cleaning products. Most parents find themselves cleaning the baby’s crib, toys and floors with cleaning products, which leave behind more toxins than the toxins they are cleaning because companies are NOT required by law to warn the consumer!

Here are some great facts about common household cleaning products found in many homes around the world today! Formaldehyde, phenol, benzene and toluene are found in common household cleaners and have all been linked as carcinogens and toxic to the immune system. Children are highly vulnerable to toxic chemicals. Kilo per kilo of body weight, children drink more water, eat more food and breathe more air than adults. The implication of this is that children will have substantially heavier exposures than adults to any toxic substance present.

Most young children spend a large part of the day putting things in their mouths. Especially young children, they seem to put anything in their mouth they can get their hands on. In 1998, scientists at Rutgers University discovered that pesticides sprayed into a home evaporate from floors and carpets and then condense back onto plastic and foam items such as pillows and stuffed toys. By looking at how often a group of preschoolers put clean toys in their mouths, the researchers calculated that contaminated toys are likely to provide children with much higher doses of poison than adults would receive in the same environment.

Babies do not excrete contaminants or store them in fat as adults do, making poisons more available to affect rapidly growing bodies. Also, because a child’s immune system is not fully functional, a child’s body cannot counteract the toxic effects as an adult can. In an adult, a blood brain barrier isolates the brain from many of the potentially harmful chemicals that circulate in the body. But in a human baby, that barrier isn’t fully developed until six months after birth.

A pregnant woman can even pass toxins from common cleansers to her unborn baby! Many contaminants such as dioxins and PCBs have an affinity for adipose tissue. During pregnancy, women mobilize their accumulated body fat stores to provide nutrition for their growing babies; the contaminants in the fat are then passed on to their children. Nursing mothers also pass a good deal of their lifelong chemical build-up to their babies.

Babies exposed in the womb are at greatest risk of all. Because cell structures change so rapidly during embryonic and fetal growth, toxic exposure at the wrong time can permanently impair further development. According to Dr. Landrigan, the central nervous system is particularly vulnerable. To function properly, the developing brain must establish an intricate network of interconnected neurons. Small doses of neurotoxins during critical periods of brain development can alter those crucial neural pathways – one mistake in the beginning, and the brain can be changed forever in subtle or severe ways. Government and university scientists are currently studying the possibility of a connection between fetal exposure to toxic substances and developmental disabilities such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

As a parent you should worry about this! Cleaning the house with toxic products is literally destroying your children’s bodies and adding to the changes in cancer and other life-threatening health problems.

Even if you had no idea of ​​this concern, until you just read this article, now is the time to take action! You can start by using only toxin-free cleaning products! Get rid of all products that are not ecological. If a product is ecological, it means that it is safe to have it at home! If it is safe to have around the house, it is safe to use without having to worry about the harmful effects!

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