At some point in one’s life, a profound ponderance of ‘the timeless wonder of it all’ will arise in one’s intrigue. Thus, a Spiritual philosophic curiosity is born.

As young child I recall looking out over the ocean and experience a view of the endless horizon…

Imagining what lies beyond the boundless spaciousness of this big world.

Then later,

Gazing out at the stars in the sky, amazed at how big our universe was…

What is out beyond those stars?…

What is beyond my life?

What is my life’s purpose… ?


As one ‘Grows up’ and gets a bit of worldly experience, then ‘Wakes up’ to seek the Self Realization of our True Nature…

One should earnestly take up an essential personal Spiritual Path.

Part of this endeavor should be investigating all reasonable religions and spiritual traditions for what they all have in common that inspires Unconditional Love and a compassion for all ‘God’s’ children… for the greater good.

What you find here is a direction worth including in your own Spiritual Path.

It’s best not to take any view of the ineffable projections of what ‘God’ or the afterlife as anything other than metaphoric simile.


For my entire life I have been earnestly looking into all the major ‘religions’ and ‘spiritual traditions’ in order to find some unified ‘Ultimate Truth’ about this ‘timeless wonder of it all’ we all are naturally drawn to.

So far,

All the organized ‘religions’ have ‘conundrums’ to any sort of reality check

or their doctrines contradict themselves.

They all have some profound universal commonality, which is good, but…

They all have some profound doctrine that totally derails one’s faith, particularly if one is truly a ‘post-modern’ intelligent, forward thinking rational person that is not inclined to buy into the requirement of taking myths, magic, and miracles as the literal ‘truth’ in order to get to their projection of “heaven”.

This ‘mythic-literal’ doctrine misses the opportunity to engage in a deeper way to teach the core principles of the scriptures without having to place absurd assumptions as a requirement to be in their church or have a chance to go to their version of ‘heaven’.

The more progressive churches that are teaching the core meanings of the scriptures using contemporary similes and metaphors connect deeper to a wider and growing range of people.


All major religions and spiritual traditions were started at a time when the world view was very un-evolved, a time when:

Women had no rights; they were a possession of the husband.

Slavery was normal and accepted.

The Earth was assumed to be flat.

The ‘church’ stated emphatically that the entire universe and all the stars all rotate around ‘God’s’ chosen planet Earth. Any academic scholar or philosopher that dared to point out this absurdity would be burned in cages alive in the town center. Galileo was locked into house arrest and forbidden to look into his telescope invention or face a gruesome death at the hands of the church.

Meanwhile at the same time, the church was purchasing the most powerful telescope that Galileo designed. The church still to this day owns the most expensive private telescopes in the world… just to keep an eye out for ‘God’.


Let’s not bicker about who killed who…

Western Psychology was not around yet to determine human growth stages and to help with mental challenges and ways to help understand our feelings.

Most people were only evolved enough to think that myths, magic, and miracles were real, even if they knew they couldn’t do magic, they were convinced that their church leaders had such powers.


Many religions continue to be still coming from such outdated world views.

Seek out the progressive contemporary spiritual tradition’s teachings to include in your Path of absorbing spiritual knowledge.

Like spokes in a wheel, all teachings should point a ‘Way’ one’s Path should proceed in order to experience the ineffable nature of such profound teachings.

All worthwhile teachings should not be distracting from the ‘Ultimate Truths’ with insistence of buying into biblical or political conspiracy theories, taking myth, magic, and miracles as the literal truth, nor being contradictory to the common thread of all other reasonable spiritual teaching’s of unconditional love for all Beings.

We aware of any church or religion that has a political power drive that encourages it’s flock to overlook the morally bankrupt, criminally corrupt politicians the church supports in trade for political power.

Also be aware of any religion or spiritual tradition that claims that only they have the Ultimate Truth and the only way to ‘heaven’.


Countless reasonable religions have a lot of commonalities.

For starters, they all include morals, virtues, being good, being honest, avoid jealousy and the seven deadly sins…

And they all speak of Love…


Not necessarily ‘Unconditional’ Love.

The love they have for those that pray just like they do is pretty close to unconditional love…

However, those that are outside of their church or worse, if they are outside their denomination, or even worse… if they aren’t indoctrinated into any of the 66,000+ other Christian denominations…

Then pity is as close to love as they’ll go.

They’ll pity your pathic disgraceful foolish worthless soul that they believe is on a one-way road to ‘hell’.

No matter how kind they are in dishing out this pity…

There is a systematic inspiration to disenfranchise anyone that doesn’t buy into their distracting dogma and doctrines.

This is typically dished out with a ‘biblical F-U’ in the form of something like:

“I pray for your soul Roger. Every knee WILL bow at the name of Jesus!”


It was explained to me by a sincerely nice uneducated white American diehard Christian that even if there was a church of the very same denomination in another country that we went to war with, he said, “God” would want me to go over there and kill them in his name for our country… because THIS is “God’s” country.


After experiencing so many perspectives from Christians that obviously don’t get the first thing about what their religion is supposed to be about…

And that’s morals, virtues, decency, do no harm, be humble, be loving annnndddd…

NEVER pre-mediately find any reason to KILL SOMEONE!


Christianity basically has a lot of nice moral considerations…

Once one has gotten past all the centuries of brutal atrocities to the ones they feel are non-believers and are at best be disenfranchised… at worst, the ‘church’ recommended murder, torcher, genocide, done in the name of the ‘church’ and ‘god’.


The common ground on basic decency should not be lost.

I love the ‘Golden Rule’…

“Do onto others as you would have them do onto you. “

A much needed now quote is:

“Love thy enemy as you would a friend”.


While doing one’s due diligence to learn about other religions and spiritual traditions, beware of any claiming that only they have the proper way to ‘heaven’ or some made up after this life place.

A real deal breaker for me was the Christian demand that, in order to get to ‘heaven’ you have to believe that the man made up myths, magic, and miracles are to be taken as the literal truth.

This “mythic-literal” perspective is not a leap of faith,

It’s a mentally vulnerable leap of continuing an outdated archaic world view from 1000’s of years ago, just to prove one’s faith.

What is infinitely waisted here is that by mis-leading the flock with myths made to be taken literally, those of rational reason and critical thinking will see it for what it is…

a power play for power.

And then move on.


While those that are trying to be good Christians and buying into not only the myths, magic, and miracles…

Countless biblical conspiracy theories are being indoctrinated into the mindset of the masses that are simply there at church to make the effort to be faithful, and thus be being ‘good’ so they can avoid the ‘hell’ they are threatened with… and now have become very vulnerable toward being duped with any other conspiracy theory that comes along with political power-drive issues to dominate the masses NOT with the greater good in mind.

Be very wary of any religion that is scrambling for political power to achieve their goal of forcing their misbeliefs upon others.

The Christian extremist’s embrace of the ‘end of times prophecies’ is more dangerous than any Muslim’s religious extremist’s rants against their biblical enemy because of their flaccid ineffectiveness in getting along with one particular ethnic group… the Jews…


The Christian’s ‘End of Times prophecies’ promote the forever end and complete annihilation of all that ‘God’ has created, just so the ‘faithful’ can then get to say “to hell with all ya all! I get heaven and all ya all get to burn! HAHAHahaha… “

yea, right…

But seriously,

When religion is politically motived…

They become weaponized and

Innocent people die in unforgivable masses.

A-Fn-men… praise be to our phucked-up projection of “god”.

This is NOT a spiritual path…

This is obstruction of everyone’s Divine Right to strive towards perfection in both the physical ‘here & now’… while being misleading the perception of our essential, eternal True nature.


They give sermons about a ‘God in the sky’.

“Pray to Him! Demand He does your egoic bidding!”

” Pray to Him that he smites down those you don’t like today or are envious and jealous of”!

They make it sound like it’s your divine right to command ‘God’ to do you bidding.

How blasphemy is all that!

Their scriptures teach of a gender specific male ‘god’ is up there micromanaging our every thought.

A ‘god’ that was invented by man to fulfill an archaic early world view of ‘the great mystery’.


It’s no wonder that:

Most Christians seem very afraid of dying.

Even though they are promised they will get to ‘meet their maker’,

many seem very dreadful of being judged on ‘judgment day’ and cast into a fiery ‘hell’ for countless eons.

And the poor Catholics that have already lived in fear of demons under their beds and in their closets… add to the dread of being judged after death…

This is too much for most Christians to feel good about whatever it is that comes after this ‘here & now’.


Buddhists don’t really fear dying…

They fear the dread of being born again and again…


With Buddhism:

A lot of wisdoms have been taught about the concept of Anatta – No self.

Anatta – No self, is part of the starting point towards taking up a Buddhist practice.

‘Self-inquiry’ is contemplated deeply to get a feeling of who are ‘we’?

‘Self-Realization is part of the inquiry one naturally and essentially must deeply contemplate along any spiritual Path.

With the Hindu/Buddhist technique of “Neti Neti”, one can use negative deduction to help reveal our True Nature…

‘not this – not that’…

We all know we can’t take our money with us,


I’m not my body, it dies… however, considering that

my True Nature is never born, nor never dies,

yet there is an essential eternal part of “us” that one should be inspired to ‘Realize’.

I’m not any of my body parts ether.

Although metaphorically

my heart represents my love and compassion…

it is just a body part, like my brain.

The thoughts that our ‘mind’ generates are too just functions of the body… our brain is like a bio-computer…

not an everlasting eternal ‘me’.

This Spiritual ‘Self’ inquiry can take a few minutes


the rest of one’s life.

After all this effort to experience our ‘True Self’ as having no individuality:

there is no separation between who we take ourselves to be and all that is…

A ‘Non-duel’ unified conscious perspective.


The conundrum with Buddhism is:

“Who is it that will be burdened by being reborn?”

The fear of being born again & again… provides a false sense of inspiration to really work hard to achieve full “enlightenment” in this life…

or else!…

Those pesky reborns!

Here the process of putting down in words what the Buddha had taught 400 years after he ‘transcended’ his life over 2500 years ago, would require a bit of ‘filling in the blanks ‘so to speak.

All religions and even this spiritual tradition seems to require

a ‘Divine reason’ to do good and have a dedicated practice…

or else!


All inquiries into the nature of our Ultimate ‘True Self’

wades into the deep end of…


The aspects of a ‘non-duel’ unified consciousness is simply


In the deepest sitting meditation,

once the universal focus on breath is focused,

abiding in the awareness of Awareness

is about as close as we can become Aware of our True Nature.

The Tibetan Bon Buddhist practice of Great Perfection – Dzogchen –

calls this Rigpa.

Many traditions refer it as ‘the Ground of our Being’. Our True Self.

Christ Conscious. God Nature. Buddha Nature.

There is much written about the philosophical wisdoms that expand upon this Ultimate-‘Self’ understanding.


simply reading about these wisdoms will not bring a profound understanding of our True Nature.

That which can be read or written is not the Tao… not ‘God’,

Not the Great Mystery or the Divine Flow of Life,

nor can knowledge read from a book in itself,

lead to understanding our True Nature.

It can only point towards a direction our Practice can take

that will bring about the ineffable experience that is our True Nature.


The Tibetan Bon tradition is the oldest spiritual tradition with an un-broken lineage of over 18,000 years. That is indeed impressive, but one really must consider what the world view was that long ago.

I would highly recommend investigating any teaching that is still unchanged based on an archaic world view of over 18,000 years ago with a healthy bit of balanced skepticism and open mindedness.

As humanity slowly evolved, so did the more mindful teachings as they transcended along with the times as well. They transcended toward a Higher Deeper way of teaching, while including the profoundness that was inspired over 18,000 years ago.

There are many contemporary teachers that skillfully point out the many terms that should be taken as a metaphoric reference to some of the ancient scriptures.

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche has devoted his life to these teachings and presents them in a way us ‘westerners’ can relate too. All his teachings will go far in being at one with this life and ‘the timeless wonder of it all’.


Tibetan Bon Buddhist practice of Dzogchen – the Great Perfection, has the most in-depth study of the dying process called Bardo.

It is remarkable how detailed this study is in the many ways and processes we go through during life, the end of life… and what comes after this life.

These ‘after-life’ teachings are of such in-depth impressive detail it seems like it could make sense… but to me, when the subject of ‘after this life’, ‘God’, and whether one is reborn again & again… these are all ineffable in nature, there is nothing in this ‘here & now’ that can prove or disapprove of things that are beyond the ability of our Earthly minds to comprehend.

Nothing we normally experience in this life offers any way to relate to ‘the timeless wonder of it all’…


I studied and still practice many Dzogchen teachings.

The ‘Life Practices’ have a universally common ground that will profoundly enhance one’s spiritual Path and help form a balance psychological perspective that will go a long way towards liberating one from unnecessary pain & suffering most of us are to be challenged with in this life.


There are enough benefits right now in this ‘here & Now’ earthly reality,

to find solace from most of the ‘pain & suffering’ our lives naturally go through.

There are many profound benefits to be experienced by integrating the Buddha’s Noble Eight-Fold Path into one’s daily flow.

You don’t need to accept the burden of being reborn over & over again…

With a Truly ‘Non-Duel’ unified conscious perspective,

There really is no ‘me’ or ‘you’, an ‘us’ or ‘we’…

There is just and inseparable oneness with everything that ‘Is’…


Until then,

the veils of illusion keep our True nature just beyond the bend of our perception.


One big difference between Christian’s Heaven, where one gets a ‘heaven body’ that looks and feels just like the one you’re wearing now and Buddhist “Nirvana”. Nirvana is not a place that an individual goes to after this life… it is a recognition of the ‘True reality’, Awareness of one’s True Self, that is beyond conscious, beyond our mind and way beyond what we once imagined was ‘God’.

When ‘you’ are at one with it all…

there can be no ‘you’… and this ‘one-ness’ over there.

There can be no ‘you over here and ‘God’ over there…

It’s just inseparable Unity.

It’s not a place… yet, it is everything that ‘is’.

There is nothing in this life that can come close to explain the ineffable nature of the ‘timeless wonder of it all’ and what’s before & beyond this life…

Akashic records and the ‘holographic universe’ are similes that form a concept of ‘the timeless wonder of it all’… the Great Mystery… that can’t be understood by just reading about it.

Except for very deep Jana meditation, with a very focused practice this will bring you closer towards that experience…

But to adequately teach how to reach this experience to another would take many years of focused practice… and then, it can’t really be ‘taught’ so to speak… one can only ‘point out’ the direction one should take along their own Path. It cannot be learned from a book, it must be experienced.

In Christianity, an individual must postpone the gratification of ending guilt, pain & suffering until they die, get judged, go to the higher levels of ‘heaven’ then…

‘they’ will be in a ‘dualistic’ version of ‘heaven’ as some place out there that our individual self goes to and gets a ‘heaven body’ that looks just like the one you’re in right now:-O!

It gets more complicated with all the man made up projections of a ‘heavenly hierarchy’.


Our True Self, our essential eternal essence, the ‘whatever it is that goes on after this life’… is not our body, heart, brain, mind, or thoughts, nor is our ego or the characteristics that portray ‘us’ in our story of this life.

That includes everything about our character that is really good, or really bad…

When we take our last breath, there is a natural Divine flow that leaves “us” with no other option than to ‘go with this flow’…

The experience is described as:

A peaceful calm comforting feeling of coming home.


The natural Divine Flow after this life… is a Bliss beyond measure,

But it’s a Bliss that cannot be comprehended in our earthly perspective…

We have nothing to compare it to in our worldly experiences, except for the deepest Jhanic meditation states of Samadhi.

Those that can abide in these states are very… few.

But it all won’t matter after our last breath,

As we all will flow with the natural Divine flow.

A Bliss beyond measure,

And beyond anything we can even imagine in our wildest projections.


Most highly educated professionals are atheist,

Yet, for the most part, they find a way to be good

that is not based on a fear of ‘God’, the devil, or

a selfish ambition for the preservation of one’s imagined “soul”.

Being good feels good and better for the greater good…

It’s that simple.

When more & more people all over this world come together in unity for the greater good, more & more people will find the quality of life will improve.

When more & more people come from a place of loving kindness…

The global support for war and not getting along will lose its funding and interest.

There is a potential to end all wars, hunger, and homelessness.

There is a potential to create a non-polluting self-sustaining society.

There is a potential to take the necessary steps to inhabit a planet that is warming…

We’ve done it before randomly as we were evolving,

And we can do it again mindfully… IF we are willing to take the steps to evolve for the greater good.

There is the potential to have free education for all.

As more & more people become more & more educated in critical thinking and the common sense for the greater good, the closer we’ll get to a functional society.

There is the potential to have 100% employment in fulfilling careers that require less than 30 hours a week which should earn the cost of living and only 20 years to retire, which at that point they can pursue other creative personal interests or contribute to the greater good in some inspiring way to express one’s Being.

This could be a time when we have more time to fulfill our spiritual curiosities…

Until it does,

The quality of life will continue in a downward spiral as the last few decades have profoundly turned out. Thanks to the gop!


As we are currently enduring a pandemic that is being perpetuated by nearly the entire republican party, many folks are experiencing anxieties that range from subliminal to debilitating.

The gop, our self-defeating mode of representation has managed to completely divide our country with hate filled xenophobic, conspiracy theory crap, and Big Lies… They stand for nothing that has any concern for humanity while emboldening a massive portion of our mentally vulnerable uneducated population to defy common sense and get very angry that anyone is trying to keep our kids safe.

It is very uninspiring to understand how so many of our fellow citizens can be so narcissistic, so self-centered that they can no longer understand that a tiny inconvienicane to them with a mask when ya go out in public and a vaccine that takes less than one hour… is a small price to pay to help save countless others of dying alone in a miserably painful unnecessary death.

To these folks, they can not relate to someone else’s perspective.

It’s beginning to become even more uninspiring that these uneducated white supremist xenophobic phucs are dangerously stuck on stupid.

It’s a sad realization to the rest of us folks that still have a shred of common sense, critical thinking, and mindfulness of other people’s perspective.

Many, by necessity, are desperately trying to comprehend the profound chaos all around us these days (8-23-21) with mentally vulnerable people being misled into supporting a demagogue party that is based on being morally bankrupt and any criminally corrupt way to maintain their career.


By necessity, many folks are doing a little ‘soul searching’ these ‘daze’.

Liberation from the inherent pain and suffering we all will face in this life can be accomplished with a personal spiritual Path, or with the help of western psychology. But if your shadow issues don’t require professional help, there are many amazing insights that can be integrated into one’s Being.

This is profoundly liberating.

Most of this pain and suffering is caused by ignorance.

When one engages in a spiritual practice of ‘Self-inquiry’…

A Wisdom becomes part of one’s perspective which neutralizes the ignorance that causes most pain and suffering.

… and this is a good start.

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