Online automatic translators very often translate word for word. And if you’ve ever taken a language course, you know that sentence structure varies from language to language, so word-for-word translations are rarely correct. Although they may be able to correctly translate “green manzana” to “green apple”, they are not up to par if the translations become a little more complicated. Check out this Spanish to English translation of a segment of a children’s story:

Originally written in Spanish:

Había una vez una niña chiquita llamada Natalie. She only tenía tres años, y todo el mundo que la veía, se caía enamorada de ella. One day, on her mother who is fond of her, the llevó de compras para buy her unas pijamas nuevas. ¡Sin embargo, mientras que estaban en la tienda, Natalie vio su amor di lei verdadero di lei, una muñeca! Lei no dejó que su mother of her will buy her las pijamas nuevas of her, saying that she ya tenía unas of her en la casa de su abuela of her.

Automatic translation into English:

Once upon a time there was a very young girl named Natalie. Only that she was three, and everyone saw him, fell in love with her. One day, his mother grew fond of shopping to buy him new pajamas. However, while they were in the shop, Natalie saw her true love, a wrist! She didn’t let her mother buy him new pajamas, saying that she already had them in her grandmother’s house.

Human Translation in English:

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Natalie. She was only three years old with her and everyone who saw her fell in love with her. One day, her loving mother took her shopping for a new pair of pajamas. However, while she was in the shop, Natalie noticed her true love, a doll! She refused to let her mother buy her new pajamas, stating that she already had her pajamas from her Mimi her.

So you can see from this short translation of children’s stories that the machine translator has bombarded its task as a good translator. I would add that I used one of the best known and most used online automatic translators. I won’t say which one because I don’t want to ruin anyone’s business, but this is on the first page of Google when looking for an online translator. So, in other words, it’s really “reliable”.

You may think that automatic translators work better from English to another language and not the other way around. Let’s take a look at an example of a business email originally written in English and translated into Spanish using a popular online machine translator.

Originally written in English:

Dear Mr. White,

I’m sending you an email about your daughter’s grade in her Spanish class. She consistently scored low on all homework and tests. I recommend that you stay after school for at least an hour, three days a week to meet a Spanish tutor. I feel this is necessary for you to have a chance to pass this course.

Best regards,

Emilia Granai

Vice Principle at Jordan High

Automatic translation into Spanish:

Estimado Sister Blanco,

Le estoy enviando por correo electrónico referente to su daughter’s grade de s en su clase española. She has constantly noted point bajo en todas on her preparation y pruebas. Recomiendo que she permanence después de escuela por lo menos una hora tres días a la semana para encontrar con a un professor particular español. It is necessary that this is necessary for her to take an ocasión in el paso de este curso.


Graneros de Amilia

Vice principle in the secondary high school of Jordania

Human Translation in Spanish:

Estimado Sister White,

I am sending you an electronic correspondent referring to the calificación de su hija en su clase de español. She has consecuently sacado points bajos en todas las tareas y exámenes. Recomiendo que she después de la escuela por lo menos una hora, tres dias a la semana para reunirse with a professor special de español. I create what is necessary for that she holds an opportunity to open up this curse.

With regard,

Emilia Granaio

Sub-Director of Jordan High School

If you are using an automatic translator for school or work, you should really reconsider. Using an automatic translator can negatively affect your grade and income! If you’re trying to communicate with foreign clients using an automatic translator, maybe now you know why they didn’t respond or were confused as ever!

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